Monday, August 25, 2008

first impressions of a newby

Having arrived to be a volunteer at Kalikalos 3 days ago, I wanted to gather some of my first impressions, both to remind myself of the experience, and to communicate to others who may feel like coming here. New place, new people, new rhythms and new community, all too much to explain really, too much information! So I've distilled some moments in 5 haiku, I hope they communicate something of the feel and colours here.

Strangers welcome me
This place is warming my skin
And soothing my soul

Where land meets water
Verdant, fertile, fruiting green
Pink roses, blue sky

And the softest rosey blush
Colours we can eat!

Such a unique blue
Turquoise cannot describe this
Clear crystal holding

Stillness is the dance
Beauty moving with the sea
In flow we are one

On I go into my fortnight!....

Sharon Usher, Oxford

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tai Chi on Plaka Beach

As the sun goes down on a late summer evening; the natural, free flowing movements of the Tai Chi echoed the natural beauty of the Pelion peninsula all around us. Gazing across the calm, deep blue ocean; fishes dancing across its surfaces, and seven of us commenced our Sunday practice.

A complete first timer to the art of Tai Chi; the experience was at first a somewhat daunting one. After the initial five minutes of flailing around in the sand, continuously losing my balance, and breaking into an embarrassing sweat; the subtle movements and graceful form I was attempting to recreate from Francoise, eventually became far more natural. After yet another fifteen minutes a strange feeling of total mental ease began sweeping over me, as my body began mimicking the moves almost automatically. It had seemed my my mind had entered almost into a calm meditation, as my body continued to flow through these movements, without any forced insistence. I will certainly be coming back for more.

Freddie Matthews (Kalikalos staff recruit and first time Tai Chi'er)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Retreat in Not-Knowing with Unmani

We had a great week of dialogues in Not-Knowing in the yurt. It was wonderful to watch individuals blossom as the week went on. It started so seriously and ended in so much laughter. Recognising who You really are seems so serious and hard work when you don't seem to get the joke, but once you do, all that is left is a smile!

Lovely to be here and enjoy this wonderful place.

Thanks Jock.

Love Unmani