Monday, May 25, 2009

May 2009 Workcamp

Hello there!

I've been in the paradise of Pellion now in the top mainland of Greece for ten days, typing this in a café opposite the golden sands and peaceful turquoise sea. I have been very lucky to experience a very enjoyable time on this work camp in the Kalikalos holistic center. We have all been working hard to complete the work: a beautiful garden and living space for the people who'll be arriving for workshops in the coming weeks. A big project of ours that was completed yesterday was the roundhouse group space that took many hours to complete but is now an impressive structure and will be used for the workshops during the summer.

I have also been helping with gardening and the planting, cooking and cleaning and of course enjoying time at the local beaches and tavernas for refreshing swims and fabulous feta! I have learnt a lot about how a community works and the challenges it faces. How different people are and yet connected by an underlying force where-by everyone wishes to reach happiness in their lives. I feel it has been very good experience to be put in a situation whereby the people you live with here were strangers but soon become friends in your effort to achieve development in the Kalikalos community and its holistic ethos.

We have also been enjoying a workshop with Dr Helen Ford 'How to Be truly Happy' where students learnt how to explore there feelings related to there past and current events, to learn how to channel there feelings in a positive and more constructive way. Me and my friend Beth Phillips who is a complementary therapist in Norwich also offered Holistic Massage to the tired workforce. Here is a photo of us offering aromatherapy to Tim, known as Mr Bowen for the many Bowen sessions that he gave to nearly everyone at the camp.

We of course didn't get up to just hard work; there was plenty of opportunity to express and enjoy ourselves at the local taverna's, and at a party we held in Monica's room one night, where an array of talents were exhibited such as cross dressing, singing through pipe, bongo drumming and body painting!

I would highley recommend the work camp as it is very inspirational and i have gained a lot from it, living in this alternative holiday setting and making new friends. I feel I have developed my inner self to a more creative and higher level! I hope to return here for a future project soon.

Titania Fisher
22 years old.Norfolk.U.k