Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello all,

Well tomorrow will offically be the end of my second week at Kalikalos. It's been an amazing experience and am already planning my trip next year. This week the staff and I were invited to a "Being Dance" workshop held by our sister camp Anilio. We've also gotten our creative energy at full force with our new art table up. I've learned a lot about community this week, building open relationships, and being confident in myself. It will be sad to leave tomorrow but I will leave knowing that I gained more than a suntan out of my Greek holiday. Look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Amy Mo

Jackson, WY

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello all,

The week is unfolding here at Kalikalos. I arrived at the center over a week ago and have been finding my niche. The sun is shining and the beaches are sparkling clear. We set to work last week to welcome the sacral massage workshop lead by Helen Rohlicek and Susan De Muynck of England. The staff and I got to be test bodies and quite enjoyed it!

Also in participation was Dr. Ian Tenant, a reporter from Resurgence magazine. Look for Ian's article about the Centres in the next few months.

This week we're hosting the Non Violent Communication (NVC) work shop already underway. The days are very busy here and very satisfying. We've all been working hard and enjoying long afternoons next to the Aegean Sea. Even after just one week the staff has built a very deep connection and a successful community. I look forward to the coming weeks!

-Amy Mo
Jackson Hole, WY

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Roundhouse is Up!

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that last September our 7m diameter round group room was destroyed by a thunderstorm that dumped gallons of water on the canvas roof sections, which collapsed in the night breaking nearly all the members of the reciprocal framed structure.

As this is the main group room at the Kissos campus, this was a disastrous loss. The structure was built by Nigel Hilton and volunteers during the 2002 season at Anilio and had been moved in 2008 to the Kissos campus.

So the first priority for the May workcamp at Kissos was to rebuild a new Roundhouse. Ivor Fletcher from Oxfordshire came out for the entire May workcamp and designed the new structure. Working closely with Mark Taplin, Ivor built himself a workbench from old pallets and basically rebuilt the structure from scratch, making some necessary changes to pitch so that water would not accumulate in the canvas roof sections and ensure that the new Roundhouse would be immune to the problem that destroyed the original structure.

The photos above show the last stages of the work, with most of the camp helping to align the beams, and finally Ivor putting the cap in place.

The final photo shows Gina Lawrie's NVC group at work in the new roundhouse. Kudos to Ivor, Mark and all the team for their commitment to finishing the new roundhouse in record time and well within budget as well. Next May: we hope to bring Ivor back to construct a roundhouse for the Anilio campus where the postholes from 2002 are ready and waiting!

Jock Millenson, 2010 Kissos Coordinator