Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 2010 in Kalikalos

I am Jann from Stuttgart/Germany. I have spent almost two weeks now here as a staff orientee on Campus and I just want to let you know, what's going on here!

The first week here (July 2-9) there was a workshop about the mystery of intimitate relationships. It was a wonderful group with much good energy, and I really enjoyed the community including staff, community guests and participants. We went to all of the wonderful beaches around, cooked delicious meals, did some gardening, shared personal things in a daily circle.

I needed some days to arrive but now I have adapted to this place.

The second week (July 9-16) there is a workshop about experimental drawing and painting with very nice people from the U.K. They are a very creative group and I guess they really enjoy this place: the garden, the nourishing food, the great atmosphere here.

Anyone considering to decide if he/she will come to this place, I can recommand it.

There are yoga lessons in the roundhouse twice and a wonderful Facilitator in Residence, Sharon from the U.S.A. She teaches creative writings for everyone who wants to.

Jann from Stuttgart/ Germany