Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joys of Greek Vegetarian Cookery

We came together, three people from 3 different parts of the world and very different backgrounds. There was Mozza-a Finnish Norwegian Aussie; Caruthers aka Geoffrey-a crusty former Briton from Athens, and Peckhampam. Not forgetting Geoffrey’s companions Daisy and Toto the dogs and Archibald the tortoise, who hovered at the kitchen door expectantly.

From day one we hit it off and had fun, fun, fun, and cooking in the sun. Not only did we enjoy ourselves but so did everyone there who ate the food which had been prepared with love and humour, and NO stress. The two highlights on the food front were the feta and roast garlic turnovers (Daisy liked these as well snatching one from the hands of the guru-man) and the sundried tomato fritters which baked for two days on the marble stairs in the Aegean sun.

It wasn’t all cooking. There were early morning swims, taverna evenings by the sea at Damouhari where Mama Mia was filmed, and excursions in the beautiful Pilion.

Pam Cohen, London SE15